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    Key challenges (in first 6 – 12m):


    • Monitor the first batch of cars online every morning, detect problems and take effective action
    • 监控在线生产的车辆,及时发现问题并采取有效措施
    • Monitor the FT of external & internal every shift, which cannot meet the requirement. Analysis and solve the problem
    • 监测当日涂装车身面漆外表面涂层厚度,如未能达到要求及时分析原因及采取措施解决问题
    • Mixing room process monitoring (e.g. filling material, circulating temperature, circulating speed, additives etc.) and adjust the regular related parameters.
    • 调漆间过程监控(如,加料,循环温度,循环速度,助剂色浆添加等)监控及相关数据库的定期维护
    • Monitoring the process of booth & oven (such as temperature and humidity, drying temperature, parameters)
    • 喷房及烘干炉过程监控(如,温湿度,烘干炉温度,机器人相关参数)监控
    • CED monitoring
    • 电泳车身状态监控
    • Prepare line status confirmation
    • 准备线状态确认
    • Adjust the spot repair painting and check the spot repair status
    • 点修补油漆调整及状态确认
    • Every day analysis the 1st OK run rate, analysis the main factors , and optimize these factors , increase the 1st OK run rate
    • 每天对当日交检情况进行统计、分析,对影响一次交检合格率的缺陷进行分析,对影响一次交检合格率的材料及工艺采取有效措施,将影响一次交检合格率的缺陷控制到最低
    • Analysis and summarize the problems of the day before, discuss and solutions for each problem, and keep track of them. Keep weekly summary
    • 每天早会对前一天的问题进行分析总结,针对每个问题讨论制定解决办法,同时做好跟踪。每周末做好周报和周总结
    • Daily statistics and records
    • 每天数据统计及记录
    • Color match conference participation
    • 色差匹配会参与
    • Organize and archive all kinds of measurement results on a weekly basis, summarize the weekly material status, make report and send it to relevant staff
    • 每周对各种测量结果进行整理存档,对一周的材料使用情况进行总结,作出周报告和周总结并且发送给相关人员
    • Make monthly report and send it to relevant staff
    • 每月对月报告所需要的数据进行整理存档,并发送给相关人员
    • Arrange and summary the daily work of the mixing room and laboratory
    • 调漆间及实验室工作部署及总结
    • Flushing the system
    • 调漆间系统清洗
    • prepare samples
    • 准备小样
    • Position requires some irregular work schedules
    • 该职位需配合汽车制造企业生的产进度采用排班制工作时间 (综合计时)。


    Core Responsibilities:


    • Experience in Finishes technology or related automotive experience
    • 化工或自化类相关经验
    • Some mechanical aptitude (individual will work with paint processing equipment)
    • 一定机械知机械运作原理感兴趣 (工作中需要接触全自动喷设备)。
    • Strong interpersonal skills, confidence
    • 良好的人交往能力和自信心。
    • Strong problem solving skills
    • 强的问题解决能力。
    • Two years experience in laboratory or equivalent in product experience
    • 两年在相同或类似涂料域的实验位或生产岗经验




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